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The History and Economics of Mail-order and Online Information Selling

I've been selling information for over 30 years.  It's been a long and wild ride.

I started selling "Special Reports" using classified ads in the back of THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER and POPULAR MECHANICS and other publications.  These were "ONE-STEP" ads, and "TWO-STEP" ads and lead generation ads and what not.

The trick was to ALWAYS CAPTURE THE LEAD, even if they didn't buy anything the first time.  Just as it is today with internet marketing, you ALWAYS want to capture the EMAIL address of the prospect.  If they don't buy today, you can send them another offer tomorrow and the next day.  If they buy once, chances are they will buy again.  Then, when you have exhausted that LEAD, you sell the entire mailing list to another marketer for even more income.

Thirty years ago, there were very few mail order sellers who were willing to share their secrets to newbies.  You had GIANTS in the field like JOE SUGARMAN, JOE COSSMAN, BEN SUAREZ, JOE KARBO, and DREW KAPLAN.

Marketers like Gary Halbert, Bill Myers, Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy and Robert Allen were all still working day jobs and licking envelopes and stamps at night trying figure out the "code" to mail order success.

Self-proclaimed "GURUS" like Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and Eben Pagan hadn't even had their first mailorder failure yet.  Most of today's "GURUS" weren't even born yet.


SO, it is important to look at the past successes and failures and learn from the greats, not today's flash-in-the-pan internet story that never had to buy a thousand postage stamps instead of paying the light bill to do a test mailing.

The fact is that ANYONE can make money online selling with NO EXPERIENCE or past failures.  There is no risk and no expense involved.

And unlike today's marketer, just about all past marketers had their original success selling and ACTUAL PRODUCT.  Something that was tangible and you could hold in your hand.  Then, years later, they could make twenty times more pure profit by just selling the information of how they made their original money.  I.E. INFORMATION MARKETING.

And the MOST PROFITABLE OF ALL?....  Having a newsletter, book and tape sets, live seminars and SELLING YOUR CUSTOMER'S NAMES via MAILING LISTS!

If you had a list of let's say. 2,000 names of people who purchased a $9.95 "SPECIAL REPORT" and 150 page book, you could then rent those names to another marketer for $0.20 (twenty cents) per name, or $400 for a one time mailing.  If you rented the list ten times in a year, that's an extra FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS a year of PURE PROFIT!

The average "Hot" mailing list of PAST BUYERS will earn a good marketer $20.00 per name per year when rented aggressively.  Suddenly, your mere 2,000 name list of past customers now earn $40,000 a year.

The biggest problem was that mailing lists lose about 20% each year because people move or die.  And, THEY LOSE INTEREST.
You HAD to keep generating NEW prospects and customers to keep your list "FRESH". And really good mail order marketers only want "30 DAY HOTLINE" buyers.   This means they have PURCHASED within the past 30 days.

 IF THEY BOUGHT ONCE, 80% will BUY AGAIN within 30 days.
All you have to do is present a good, believable offer and ASK THEM FOR THE NEXT ORDER!

This is part of the strategy behind GOOGLE ADWORDS.  It's no coincidence that when you buy a shirt on Ebay or Amazon, that suddenly you see dozens of internet ads appear advertising a similar shirts from competing sellers.  Often times the popup ads will be fore the exact same size and color that you just bought.  Advertisers are betting that if you bought once, you will buy again.  All they have to do is get you to THEIR website and make you a better offer.

So there are no more classified ads in the back of magazines to sell from.  Today, there is CRAIGSLIST, ADWORDS and SEARCH ENGINES to place your ad and generate new leads, prospects, sales and customers.

The technology and delivery systems have changed.  Selling and Marketing principles remain the same.

Those were "The Good Old Days".

SO where did you lean this stuff?  Most licked envelopes and stamps and rented crappy names on peel and stick labels and sent their worn out sales letter and waited patiently for the checks and orders to arrive in the mail.  Most ALL went broke.  A few, would wake up and find a mentor to teach them.  Thus becomes, "THE MARKETING SEMINAR".


Before The Sharper Image, there was JS&A National Sales Group located in Northbrook, Illinois.   Joe Sugarman sold high-technology gadgets with full-page advertisements, principally in The Wall Street Journal and airline magazines. Today, Joseph Sugarman is noted for selling 50 MILLION BluBlocker sunglasses using full length INFOMERCIALS.

Mr. Sugarman is one of the great direct marketers who has had a long, successful career and can tell you with authority "what works." You can appreciate his contribution to the direct marketing industry when you learn he was the first person to use toll-free "800" numbers for responding to his advertisements.

In the early 1980's, Joe offered to teach some of his most valuable marketing techniques to a very small, select group of entrepreneurs who were already successful, but were ready to take the next step to incredibly successful.

For $5,000, you could travel to Joe's Luxury Cabin and Lakehouse on LAKE MINOCQUA in northern Wisconsin and spend five days with Joe where you will learn everything Joe knew about selling and marketing. 

This was no small feat.  10 people would make the six hour drive from Joe's office in Chicago to Minocqua just for the opportunity to learn Joe's most "Jealously Guarded Secrets" on selling.  (Joe flew up in his private plane).

Just one or two secrets from Joe implemented properly, could change your life, forever.

If you went to CANTON, OHIO, you could learn from BEN SUAREZ.  But it was pricey.

There were very few other "GURUS" until around 1989.  Then guys like Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Bill Myers, Dan Kennedy and Mark Haroldson all discovered it was much more profitable to sell the picks and shovels to the gold miners then actually mining for gold themselves.


They all started about the same.  First they sold stuff by mail order or space and classified ads themselves.  Then they started a newsletter on how they sold their stuff.  Gary Halbert's newsletter was $2,000.  Bill Myers' was $89/year.  Ted Nicholas' $189/year.  Suddenly, you could earn a HUNDRED GRAND A YEAR just writing 14, 8 page newsletters a year.  But you really had to sell yourself and make your story believable.

Then came the audio cassette series, and then VHS tapes, and then, A LIVE SEMINAR where you invite all your other marketing guru buddies, charge $500 to $5,000 a head for a weekend "SUPERCONFERENCE" at a Florida hotel ballroom.  There, it would become a sellfest from "The Platform" with the average "Guru" walking out the door with another $25,000 to $100,000 in BACK-OF-ROOM SALES, and a whole new list of subscribers and customers to start mailing to.

It is virtually the same today, except for the names.  Now you have FRANK KERN, JEFF WALKER, EBEN PAGAN and PERRY MARSHALL all following the eact same outline.  It's just easier today with Emails instead of US MAIL and Internet instead of TAPE SETS, and ONLINE CONFERENCES instead of going to a hotel in Vegas or Florida.

Think about the similarities.

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Now You Can Gain The Wisdom of 8 of The Greatest Advertising Experts of All Time...

Thirty years ago, there were very few mail order sellers who were willing to share their secrets to newbies.  You had GIANTS in the field like JOE SUGARMAN, JOE COSSMAN, BEN SUAREZ, JOE KARBO, and DREW KAPLAN.

Marketers like Gary Halbert, Bill Myers, Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy and Robert Allen were all still working day jobs and licking envelopes and stamps at night trying figure out the "code" to mail order success.

Self-proclaimed "GURUS" like Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and Eben Pagan hadn't even had their first mail-order failure yet.  Most of today's "INTERNET GURUS" weren't even born yet.

Before ALL of these guys, there were a few TRUE SUPERSTARS that REALLY knew the fine art and specialized skills of ADVERTISING AND MARKETING.

These Guys Could REALLY Sell Stuff!

Now YOU TOO can learn from some of the same "MARKETING MASTERS" that Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and MANY, MANY MORE did!

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Now You Can Gain The Wisdom of 8 of The Greatest Advertising Experts of All Time...

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For your benefit, EIGHT of the greatest advertising experts who ever lived put the accumulated wisdom of their lifetimes into 8 of the most revealing books ever written.  And now, because they have been put onto tape, and now the Internet, you can easily listen to and assimilate this wisdom while driving, taking a walk, lounging on the back patio, or whatever.


16 Audio Programs from Eight MARKETING LEGENDS...

Reality in Advertising by Rosser Reeves
My First 65 years in Advertising by Maxwell Sackheim
My Life in Advertising by Claude Hopkins .
This book has personally made Jay Abraham over $12 million dollars
Communications of an Advertising Man by Leo Burnett
Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
Your Money Back by Alvin Eicoff
The Albert Lasker Story -- as He Told It by Albert Lasker
With All Its Faults by Fairfax M. Cone

Here is a list of the books recorded and a short description of the geniuses who wrote them.

David Ogilvy
"Ogilvy On Advertising"

David Ogilvy is one of the best known of all advertising men -- and for good reason.  His Ad Agency is one of the top in the world.  He has applied the wisdom of the classic ad men, (such as the others in this tape set) and shown that it works successfully to sell products, even in current times.
And he has gone on to break new ground.  There are secrets revealed in OGILVY ON ADVERTISING that you won't find anywhere else!
"If you are lucky enough to have some news to sell, don't bury it in your body copy."
"The headlines which work the best are those which promise the reader a benefit"

Claude Hopkins
"My Life in Advertising"

Considered by many to be the father of modern advertising, this book is one of the most revealing when it comes to basic, immutable advertising techniques that are still valid today, and in fact, probably will never change.
People have made millions following his advice.  He started at Lord & Thomas in 1908 at $1000 a week and was paid as much as $185,000 in one year -- a sum based upon a percent of the profits his ads brought in to clients.  Here's just a sample of his wisdom:
"Argue anything for your own advantage and people will resist to the limit.  But seem unselfishly to consider your customers' desires and they will naturally flock to you."

Albert Lasker
"The Lasker Story"

David Ogilvy said Lasker has made more money in advertising than anyone else.  It is no wonder when you consider that during the 1930's depression his personal income was $3,000,000.00 per year from Lord and Thomas -- The ad Agency he headed and owned.
Lasker was personally responsible for bringing Claude Hopkins, John E. Kennedy, and the concept of "Salesmanship-in-print" to the world, something for which we should all be thankful.

Few people realize what a genius this man was but this tape set is very revealing in that regard.
Lasker seldom gave talks or published anything.  The transcript of this talk to his staff was barely saved from extinction by an astute editorial director at Advertising Age who said that "nothing we have ever published has given such instruction and pleasure as 'The Lasker Story.'"

"You can tell from a lot of the advertising today that the art department gets it up first and then someone writes the advertising to go with the art.  With us, we must first must get our headline, because the headline in the end, today as 25 years ago, is 90% of all there is to an ad."

Fairfax Cone
"Reality in Advertising"

"The first rule of good advertising, as we saw it, was that it must immediately make it clear what the basic proposition is.  Few, if any people have either the time or the inclination to try and solve the puzzle of obscure advertising promises."

Rosser Reeves
"Reality in Advertising"

Rosser Reeves invented the UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION, an extremely powerful concept that can turn many losing ads into winners. 

"The consumer tends to remember just one thing from the advertisement -- one strong claim or one strong concept."

Many of today's "Marketing Gurus" teach about U.S.P.'s.  Many even tout that it is their idea, but Rosser Reeves created the concept decades ago.  In this presentation you learn from the master.

Alvin Eicoff
"Or Your Money Back"

Eicoff created direct response television and this is the work which revealed his secrets, just as easily applied to print, radio, or now, the Internet.

"...Set forth the problem, explain the solution, and then demonstrate why a specific product best meets that solution."

"The potential customer customer should feel a strong personal identification with the problem presented, reflexively nodding his head in acknowledgement."

Leo Burnett
"Communications of an Advertising Man"

"To change advertisements is cheaper to change than human nature.  The successful advertiser knows how human nature works and sets it to work for him."

Don't tell the people how good you will make the goods, tell them how good your goods make them."

"...ideas are more important than words."

Maxwell Sackheim
"My First 65 Years In Advertising"

Maxwell Sackheim created the Book-of-the-Moth club and invented the "till-forbid" mechanism of billing widely used today on long form infomercials and INTERNET MEMBERSHIP sites.  He also wrote one of the longest running ads of all times: "Do You Make These Mistakes In English?"  It ran for 40 years, always making a profit.

"The slickest writing, the finest paper, printing and artwork can't make a good idea out of a bad one or an attractive offer out of a poor one.  Of course, the though in the headline is more important than any word -- but the right words make the thought penetrate."


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 A-B. My life in advertising / Claude C. Hopkins (ca. 150 min.) --
C-D. The Lasker story, as he told it / Albert Lasker (ca. 144 min.) --
E-F. With all its faults / Fairfax M. Cone (ca. 152 min.) --
G-H. Or your money back / Alvin Eicoff (ca. 162 min.) --
I-J. My first 65 years in advertising / Maxwell Sackheim (ca. 152 min.) --
K-L. Communications of an advertising man / Leo Burnett (ca. 162 min.) --
M-N. Ogilvy on advertising / David Ogilvy (ca. 154 min.) --
O-P. Reality in advertising / Rosser Reeves (ca. 156 min.).


Advertising Classics Program Titles:

My life in advertising
Lasker story, as he told it
With all its faults
Or your money back
My first 65 years in advertising
Communications of an advertising man
Ogilvy on advertising
On advertising
Reality in advertising




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